Reflex massage of soles and feet

Foot reflexology is also a very old and proven massage method. Its origin can be traced in Asia, but it was also known and practiced in ancient Egypt. In Asia, it still has traditional day-to-day rituals for its beneficial effects.

The method of reflexology itself is based on the observation that there are a number of points and patches on the soles, ankles, around the ankles, between the toes (but also on the hands), which are connected by neural connections to individual organs and parts of the human body. If there is systematic stimulation of these facets by pressure and / or by glazing, we are able to influence the functioning of human organs in the body and help them start their self-healing abilities.

This is done by encouraging inadequate organs by rhythmic pressure of the thumb to increase (correct) function. Conversely, the organs are hyperactive (acute pain, inflammation), to which we use the soothing technique, especially the smoothing of the feet or hands.

By means of the reflexology method, it is possible to diagnose the condition of individual body organs of the client. It observes the possible pain of individual reflexive areas, changes in the skin (abrasions, bruising, redness of the skin) and in the subcutis. The areas of the organs that are disturbed react painfully in the massage and the degree of pain is directly proportional to the disruption of the competent authority. This is particularly evident in the areas corresponding to the respective part of the spine (predominantly sedentary occupation), on the kidneys (insufficient drinking regime, etc.).

Why is reflexology massage beneficial for our body?

it is a very good technique for removing some spine blockages and joint pain
improves and harmonizes the activity of internal organs
improves digestive system activity
supports the immune system
reduces fatigue
removes insomnia
promotes mental and emotional stability

In practice, the most common massage is the lower leg (feet, instep and ankles). This is because on the leg we find the nerve endings of all human organs and other parts of the human body. Leg reflectors best respond to external stimuli. Maybe that’s why we come to the world of barefoot.

If the reflex massage is to bring a more significant effect to our body, it is important to use this therapy repeatedly according to intervals agreed with the therapist or masseur. Also suitable is home-automated massage.

For those who want to know more

The soles of each foot can be divided into five longitudinal zones (starting with thumb and little finger) and three transverse zones corresponding to the foot structure. And now imagine the imaginary division of the human body from head to toe to ten equally wide vertical lines (5 belts from spine to left hand and 5 belts from spine to right hand). The organs in the respective body line (s) have reflective areas in the corresponding vertical zone on the leg. Right-hand organs have their reflective face on the right, left-hand organs on the left. Pair organs are found on both legs (lungs are a good example).

In addition, the horizontal position of the organs in the body corresponds to the position of the reflective areas located in the three transverse zones of the foot.

The shoulder line extends joints between the instep and the toes of the toes on the leg. Between the ends of the fingers and this line we find a zone of reflective patches corresponding to the organs of the neck and head.

The middle line, the so-called waistline, runs between the instep and the metatarsus. On the leg we can find reflective areas of the organs from the chest and upper abdomen between the shoulder line and the waistline.

The heel line extends across the heel and divides the calcaneus into two halves. On the body, this line corresponds to the organs and skeleton of the pelvis.

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